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You don't really appreciate the normalcy of daily family life till the school nurse phone calls with the information "Not to stress, but your kid has head lice". If you luckily have not skilled this, and want to see the impact head lice has on the family, capture the hilarious, award successful video, "Head Lice to Dead Lice" on YouTube. Believe it… Read More

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It was 3:30 in the afternoon and the bus drops my son off precisely on time. My son operates via the door with a purpose. I did not understand at first exactly what he was performing. Just as I was about to scold him for running in the home and slamming the doorway, I see tears streaming down his cheeks.You can check out WebMD concerning their sugg… Read More

After you have dated a lady for a couple of months, you begin to have emotions for the women you are with. It does not necessarily occur at the same time. It just occurs that you have fallen in Love with her initial. If she does not feel the exact same about you right now, you would like to figure out how you can make her Fall In Adore With You. Ri… Read More